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Press Release

Utopian Wireless Corporation Receives $7.8 Million USDA Broadband Stimulus

Funding Award to Support Deployments in Underserved Markets in Seven States


August 4, 2010, Bethesda, MD - Utopian Wireless Corporation (Utopian), an emerging 4th generation (4G) wireless provider, has been awarded $7.8 million in Broadband Initiatives Program funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Rural Utilities Service (RUS), for deployment on licensed 2.5GHz frequencies of 4G 4G wireless networks in 10 rural underserved market areas in 7 states. Today's USDA funding announcement containing a list of the specific Utopian funded markets may be viewed at the USDA website: This funding marks a substantial milestone in Utopian's efforts to fulfill its mission of providing emerging 4G wireless services to underserved rural markets.


"This funding will allow Utopian to immediately begin providing services to many people who have been left out of the broadband revolution," said Utopian Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rudy Geist. "It will also serve as a basis for our continued growth as an emerging 4G wireless provider, enabling Utopian to deploy more markets covered by our considerable 2.5GHz spectrum position," said Geist.


Utopian holds 2.5GHz spectrum rights in 24 states, covering over 1,400 separate communities. Utopian plans to deploy currently available 4G technology over its spectrum in the markets funded by the stimulus award. Gregory L. Rohde, Utopian's President and a member of its Board of Directors said, "the RUS funding allows us to implement this foundational multistate network for the provision of services to underserved markets as we grow the network to cover other markets with an eye towards interoperable networks and roaming with other 4G providers."


With this new funding in hand, Utopian plans to immediately begin deploying the initial stimulus funded markets and to move forward its aggressive growth plans.


For more information, please contact Noah Campbell at or (240) 821-9700 ext. 207.


About Utopian Wireless Corporation

Founded in 2006, Utopian was created upon the premise that rural communities, like their urban counterparts, should have access to wireless broadband services.  Utopian Wireless focuses on building wireless networks in third tier and smaller markets where consumers are currently underserved by broadband service providers.  By utilizing licensed spectrum in the 2.5GHz band, Utopian Wireless is building wireless broadband networks capable of providing reliable, fast, portable and mobile broadband connectivity at reasonable rates. For more information about Utopian, please visit our website at


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